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Nick’s Sticks

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These are some of my favorite snacks! I have honestly tried over a dozen types of meat sticks/jerky and most of them have a gamey taste, even when they are beef. I found these sticks at Snap Kitchen one day and I got really excited because they have the Whole 30 logo on them.

When I did my last Whole 30 in July I always had a couple of these on hand just in case I got “hangry”. They taste so good and they come two in a pack so it always made me feel satisfied! Just the idea that I can have more than one is really helpful when I am snacking. I don’t like feeling restricted, ya know what I mean? Haha! If any of you would like to try some of these, just click on the Nick’s Stick banner above. I know you will love them just as much as I do!

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