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Instant Pot Coffee Concentrate

I am always looking for new ways to brew and enjoy coffee so when I heard that one of my aunts made coffee concentrate in her instant pot, I got so excited! You can use coffee concentrate to make iced coffee. The benefit of using a strong concentrate for iced coffee is because iced coffee eventually gets watered down by the ice in the cup. Many coffee places double brew their iced coffee, but you can just used coffee concentrate the same way. I loosely followed a recipe I saw on the internet. The recipe used decaf coffee, which I have no desire to use. I was not going to have the first coffee recipe I add to this blog be a decaf coffee recipe. That is not how I roll. 🙂 So, I took some good quality beans from a local Philly coffee house and freshly ground them. You want to use a regular grind, not too fine, and not too corse. Justtttt right! The recipe I followed also told me to use 18 cups of water, but I don’t have a lot of space in my fridge, so I cut the recipe in half. Feel free to double this recipe if you have a fridge with lots of extra room! The reason I am talking about a fridge is because eventually you will store this coffee in your fridge and have delicious iced coffee concentrate ready for you whenever you have a craving.


  • 3/4 Cup Ground Coffee, Freshly Ground preferred. Use regular sized grinds.
  • 9 cups of water, filtered water preferred


  • Add the coffee grounds to your instant pot
  • Add the water over the coffee. If you double this recipe, make sure that the water does not exceed the “max fill line”
  • Put the cap on the instant pot and seal it
  • Cook on high pressure for 4 minutes
  • When it is done, unplug the machine, and let the machine do a natural release. It may take up to 30 minutes for it to release naturally.
  • Once the pressure fully releases, you can let the coffee steep further. I did this for an extra hour, just so the liquid cooled. Some people do it as long as two hours.
  • Once the liquid cools and you have let it steep, you now need to strain out the grounds. I used my nut milk bag for this because it will trap even the finest of grounds, without holding on to the precious liquid. I took a large bowl with a pouring lip on it, then I poured the coffee from the instant pot through the nut milk bag over the large bowl. Then I transferred the coffee from the bowl to a large glass container. Choose a container that will fit in your fridge. You may need a funnel to transfer the liquid. I have a video tutorial of all this on my instagram under my “Instant Pot Coffee” Highlights. Store the coffee in your fridge overnight and enjoy it the next morning. It is strong, but not crazy strong. I usually fill a mason jar with ice, then fill half way with coffee concentrate and then a lot of almond milk on top. I hope you love this recipe as much as I do!

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