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Sunday Morning Ramblings

I thought we were going to be in the city for at least another 4 years, but we thought long and hard and knew the city wasn’t giving us what we needed, especially during a pandemic. We knew the kind of life we wanted for our children and watching Dakota play in and around our home brings us the most joy. We fell in love with our home because of the neighborhood, but also because of all of the secret hiding spots – perfect for hide and seek. I thought long and hard about all the parts of my childhood that stood out for me, the parts that made me relive happiness. None of those things were expensive. Building forts, playing outside, eating delicious homemade food, and watching my parents have a strong moral compass (although they are not angelic). Our new house exudes the type of energy we wanted for our little family. Being able to wake up and play with our little girl is a serious gift. When I am staring at my phone a lot she whines more, so if she is whining a lot, the problem is usually me. There is an unbelievable amount of eye contact that goes into parenting and I knew that going into it but the fact that the quality of individualized attention you give your child is actually building up how they feel about themselves is some deep sh*t. I write all this to say, a year ago I wanted so badly to be in this moment with our daughter and I am so grateful to be here. As an older mother I find it important to write down these thoughts, especially on my blog, so that my children (and future generations) can read these Sunday morning ramblings one day. Not sure how long any of us will be here, but I want to make sure what I leave behind on the web is something even my grand children would be proud of. Something worthy of reading while curled up with a hot beverage of their choice. ☕️🍵🧉❤️

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  1. So beautifully written, Erin. ❤️

  2. This is just perfectly written and so precious ❤️💕 you’re doing a good job mama.

  3. Jay Aronowitz says:

    Well said and what a beauty you have!

  4. Cheyanne G says:

    DQ is so lucky to have mommies who are so present and intentional in every decision they make for her and the future of the family. 💖