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Breakfast of the Day

UBE WAFFLESSS! This breakfast had alll the BEST things! Bacon (obvi a personal fave), Ube Waffles (gluten free purple sweet potato waffle mix from trader joes), fresh cucumbers, and pan grilled Halloumi cheese! The waffles are naturally sweet, so butter is the move..with a touch of maple syrup! If you look closely, you can see the purple edges of the waffle. ❤ The halloumi cheese is a firm sheep’s milk cheese that browns when you grill it instead of melting. The taste is similar to feta because of the saltiness, but it’s really just a mild cheese. And it’s so warmmm out of the pan and just really makes me very happy! Just writing this up is making me hungry again!
Today, I am finishing up work for the week and then trying to finally finish painting and waxing the dressers for the baby’s room. We have had some setbacks but I am feeling confident that they will be ready soon! Gonna post before and after photos on my stories once they are done! 👍👍

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