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Old Playlists

Allison and I share our spotify playlists often, even older playlists from before we even knew each other. I was listening to one of her older playlists this morning and I heard a few songs in a row that made me think “who hurt you? I looked at the date she made the playlist and I immediately remembered what she was going through at that time in history.

You ever feel so heartbroken for the person you love, and then immediately feel so grateful that they went through that pain and ended up finding you so that now you can be together? I feel that often when I go through Allison’s older playlists. I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid to not think she was the most incredible person they ever met, but then I immediately follow up that feeling with gratefulness because their loss was my treasure.

Allison and I are perfect for each other for so many reasons but the thing that is most important is how we both measure love and how we express our feelings. We love getting sentimental over and over again and talk about how we felt at a specific point in time. We love talking about how we felt when we first met, and how we felt each and every day after that.


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